NZ Psychics is your friendly and local superhero team of psychic readers, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, mediums, spritiual healers and psychic mediums.

If you are seeking guidance in your life, career, relationships, need to reach out to lost relatives and ask where they left the tv remote or just want to master the art of tantric love making that gives climax after 6 days of coupling, NZ Psychics are here for you.

We are the only team of psychics in New Zealand that are available everywhere and anywhere, like an ethereal being, looking over your shoulder and reading deep into your mind, knowing everything – and judging you accordingly.

NZ Psychics have psychics in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Bay Of Plenty and every other major city, with roving teams of psychics that service all towns in between.

Psychic Reading Service:

Our psychic reading service is famous all over New Zealand for being chillingly graphic and precise. Our clairvoyants have given readings where they have foreseen the colour of underpants and appendage size that your future rich lover will have when he first visits you in bed. Other readings have located long lost remote controls hidden deep within the sofa’s and lost cats that have climbed up trees.

Psychic Readings can help those lost in life and are seeking guidance for any decision that life may throw at them. Life is a twisting, turning piece of spaghetti and we are traveling along it in pitch darkness, never knowing which turn might result in pure gratification or instant death.

Our clairvoyants and psychics have opened their third eye through intense personal introspection, years of endless mediation where they gain sustenance from the sun like a silver fern and have hence-forth emerged onto this earth as a higher being.

Our clairvoyants provide accurate readings because their words are illuminated and they can see past their spaghetti roads and views other simply by channeling their aura and psychic energy.

Online Psychic Reading:

The ability to be everywhere and anywhere at all hours of the day has come at the mercy of technology. With video calls and blessed credit cards, we can conduct clairvoyant readings without having to see each other. Making it very easy for you to make an appointment and get your reading from the solace of your own home and in the company of your loving cat children.

To book an appointment online for a clairvoyant reading, all one has to do is navigate to our bookings page and enter in their details and a desired time for a reading. Due to our online policy, our rates are much more affordable over other psychic services and we aim to make every session over an hour to provide maximum value for all our valued souls.

Every first time visitor receives a free psychic reading and a free online tarot card reading.

Online Psychic Services:

Our team of online psychics are the master of every single psychic power known to man and a number of which only the Annuki know about as they are the original fathers of psychic abilities.

Our psychic services include:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Clairvoyant Readings
  • Online Tarot Card Readings
  • Love Life Help
  • Increased Love Satisfaction Help
  • Mediums
  • Spiritual Healing

About Psychic Reading:

Psychic reading is a well known but much abused power that has gained the scorn of mainstream audiences due to many accounted instances where fraudulent psychic readers have made claims that were vastly inaccurate.

These false psychics were only out to dispel the name of real psychic readers and sought only to gain fame and fortune from tricking common folk into believing their lies.

True and powerful psychics do walk amongst us and are highly treasured by those in the know and by those that believe and have felt the power for themselves. Being able to foresee the future and prepare oneself is the great way to move through life. If you want to move forward with confidence and with pride, then a psychic reading by a real clairvoyant reader is your best option.

Gain understanding and receive priceless insight into your life and what the future holds for you. Such an investment is one of the best you can make as it’s like giving sight to a blind man, the moment you open those eyes you see ahead of you and can prepare for what’s to come.

Psychic Readings All Throughout New Zealand

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