NZ Psychics is New Zealand’s premier and exclusive clairvoyant reading service. We have the biggest and most select team of clairvoyant readers in New Zealand.

With a team of over thirty psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers, alongside spiritual healers, NZ Psychics can offer a holistic and all encompassing psychic service that is guaranteed to be able to read each and every New Zealander, no matter the psychic background or level of mental resistance.

Every human on earth has a varying degree of psychic ability, all dictated by the amount of light that enters their third eye. This light is psychic energy, one that can be only seen and felt through the sixth sense. Our highly trained clairvoyant readers have fully open third eyes and can read people through their third eyes, all the while helping them to open theirs fully and help embrace their spiritual side.

Clairvoyant readings are very helpful in life as they can offer insight into each and every aspect of our daily lives. From helping find true love in a sea of strangers that we can’t connect with, to helping guide a promising career at work that only needs that extra ounce of belief to help advance a career. Our clairvoyants are also famed mediums and can help you communicate with your lost ones, affording you solace and peace with the closure of finding out how your loved one is doing after they departed the mortal plane.

NZ Psychics have a team of clairvoyants that are available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Bay Of Plenty and every other major city, with roving teams of psychics that service all towns in between.

NZ Clairvoyant Reading Service:

Our clairvoyant reading service is well known all over New Zealand for being extremely accurate and insightful, being able to provide insight and clarity into every person’s lives that they read. This comes from finding only the best and most experienced clairvoyants from all over the world and having them come work for us – in the aim of providing the best clairvoyants in New Zealand.

In order to be able to provide readings for all types of people and psychic levels, our clairvoyants are able to read on multiple levels via various senses.

We have clairvoyants that are specified in:

  • Clairaudience – Being able to acquire information by paranormal auditory means.
  • Claircognizance – Being able to find psychic knowledge by means of intrinsic knowledge (just know).
  • Clairgustance – Being able to taste something without physical contact.
  • Clairolfactance – Being able to access spiritual or mediumistic knowledge through smell.

With such a wide variety of paranormal and psychic powers available for you, we are confident that you will find the answers you require with our psychic services.

Online Clairvoyant Reading:

In order to help every New Zealander have access to clairvoyants at all hours of the day and night, from anywhere that they can get a signal, we offer online clairvoyant readings.

Our website has a special portal that you can log into and have unlimited access to our clairvoyants via clairvoyant chat, clairvoyant video sessions and clairvoyant phone calls. Whichever service that you are most comfortable with – we can provide for you.

Booking an appointment online can also be done through our special portal. All you need to do is setup a quick profile with an email and payment details (you can enter these later if you wish) and you are able to book as many sessions as you like, for whichever service you require and for what time you would like to talk with our clairvoyants.

Apart from booking a session, you can log in and speak with one of our psychics at anytime as well. We strive to always have a team online at NZ Psychics so that we can help any souls whenever they require it.

Sometimes life can throw a sudden opportunity or a curve ball that we don’t see coming, in circumstances like that, having the ability to navigate through these obstacles are clearly and as wisely as possible is life changing. We are aware how important this is and are always there for you.

Every first time visitor receives a free clairvoyant reading and a free online tarot card reading.

Online Clairvoyant Services:

Our talented team of online clairvoyants are masters of every single psychic ability known to man and are here to share their gift with you.

Our psychic services include:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Clairvoyant Readings
  • Online Tarot Card Readings
  • Love Life Help
  • Increased Love Satisfaction Help
  • Mediums
  • Spiritual Healing

Cities Our Clairvoyants Serve in New Zealand:

We also serve many smaller towns due to us being online and accept phone readings as well!


Palmerston North
New Plymouth


The Best Clairvoyant Reading Service In New Zealand

New Zealand is fortunate enough to have NZ Psychics providing the best clairvoyant readings and spiritual reading sessions.

40 years of testimonies from content potential customers show that this can be no simple boast. Through a life plainly devoted to grasping and attaining understanding through the Jewish Kabbalah, hieroglyphics, religious healing, these strengths have been refined to greater heights. Thousands of accurate clairvoyant psychic readings blended with all this certainly equates to a completely potent clairvoyant reader in New Zealand.

Why Seek An Outstanding Clairvoyant Reader In New Zealand?

To think our life is straightforward is similar to moving along the road to delusion and falsehoods. Pit falls, booby traps, blindsided assaults and trip mines line your backyard journey whilst you advance in your daily life. The good news is, NZ Psychics has arrived to present assistance with help from their particular psychic clairvoyant gift. We definitely will assist you in making the appropriate decisions concerning how to get around this obstacle course and allow you to live a more happy, accomplished and tranquil life.

Authorised New Zealand Mediums out of the SNU (spiritual national union) are furthermore here to talk with your household from the spirit world, providing comfort together with their words. Such closure is definitely the fantastic healer to grant you tranquility, inspiration and adoration after a really trying time.

Clairvoyant readings provided by NZ Psychics might also give assistance with job, business, romantic relationship matters, love life and household worries.

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Through enlightening digging into the innermost psyche, we are able to offer precious clues about what makes you tick and provide you with approaches towards reaching some people. With understanding of how other folks observe you and knowledge on what they can be trying to get, you are able to make the most of every day circumstances and also earn the upper hand.

All all of us look for in this cold and inhospitable world is a steering light to support us along. Self-confidence and assurance in where we go is the ultimate aim. Sometimes our souls need some rest and only through spiritual restorative healing are we able to acquire accurate serenity right after a extended grapple with inner struggle. An New Zealand clairvoyant can give you all of this and much more.

We will help you understand the appropriate knowledge that you won’t acquire somewhere else, on all matter that concerns you from obtaining much more satisfaction from your intimate sexual contact to evolving your job to greater heights. New Zealand has the best psychics, clairvoyants, psychic healers and mediums that give everyone practically all of these aspects.

Who Am I actually – Marilyn Mendoza at New Zealand’s NZ Psychics

Many decades have actually passed ever since Marilyn Mendoza first began research in the clairvoyant and psychic area and has now functioned expertly for almost as long. Certainly not restricted to just working in New Zealand, she’s functioned in cities and main cities, implementing her medium and psychic talents to aid absolutely everyone. Sharing doctrine, mastering ancient scriptures about tarot cards along with other psychic powers, her knowledge has evolved tremendously throughout that period.

Uses Of Clairvoyant Readings In New Zealand


Looking for the ideal gift item for somebody?

For individuals that you love, a clairvoyant reading or psychic restorative healing session can be perfect. They’re going to accept authentic information about themselves and all you must do is reserve them in regarding their own reading.

If you need to straighten out concerns of a major team or more, we are able to now provide team clairvoyant psychic readings all the way to Half a dozen persons.8-10 folks and they are beneficial to solving conflicts.

Your medium can certainly talk with any of your departed ones and give you closure by voicing their very own thought processes for you. Understand how to rejoice their own lives and continue living, secure knowing that they are simply still around and supporting you.

Psychic Healings & Energy Managing In New Zealand

People in New Zealand also can make use of our spiritual healings service. Using a psychic appraisal, the road to harmony is provided with clairvoyant guidance and guidance.

Spiritual healing is definitely trained to people that follow the New Age movement and can be conditioned to anybody that is so predisposed. In ’76 Doctor.King publicized an earth shattering book “you too can heal” which was as amazing as it was contentious. Spiritual healers regarded the present as one restricted to a couple, rather than a birth right of all humankind.

While many elements associated with life can become addressed, not all individuals can be mentally remedied. Emotional perspective and karma are elements with how competent a spiritual healing will be as each person is without a doubt diverse. Thanks to this the actual range of benefits deviates from person to person. Belief is usually needed in the technique as well as the spiritual healer, this helps the course of the healing process. On a favourable note, spiritual healing is based on spiritual energy and so even non believers can experience advantages.

The many benefits of spiritual healing are different and possibly unexpected in some circumstances. A good spiritual healer could completely heal an individual or atleast aid them cope with a painful condition in a better way. Spiritual healing is extremely powerful that anyone which engages in it will certainly experience some kind of gain. New Zealand spiritual healers are generally reporting high levels of achievement from their own clients and referfing to the gains to other folks in New Zealand. Although scarce, extraordinary instant cures have took place and been reported in New Zealand.

Spiritual and clairvoyant power grows from spiritual healing, consequently not only are we healing you, but in addition farther escalating our own therapeutic powers to help persons in New Zealand further. The increased growth of these clairvoyant powers definitely will benefit almost all of humankind.

Day by day Advantages of Clairvoyant Readings

Finding contentment, real love and soul mates is usually so so tough in this fast paced technologically advance time as we are keeping up with work, family and financial resources, dealing with out-of-the-ordinary troubles which include the microwave not working along with the pool boy not picking up your cell phone calls. To top it all, combating the particular irritating suspicion that our girlfriend or boyfriend is without a doubt dropping involvement with us and our bodies. The spark is certainly departed and your a mess.

Buddies no longer wishing to party with you, your most desirable denims tearing at the stitches and about a number of other details can wriggle into your own brain and leave no space for happiness.

Massively improve your dilemmas into answers with a top quality clairvoyant reader in New Zealand. Once we set up a interconnection by means of a psychic reading, the future will be presented and improvements in your thought vibrations will help change your own course of life for the best.

Personalities and movie stars are actually starting to see New Zealand psychic advisors which are growing to be very popular. Complete strangers guiding you with regards to your emotional stresses provide a large number of positive aspects. Receiving a look as to what the foreseeable future has prepared to you personally is often a very potent awareness to acquire. Shine light towards possible future activities and moderate your destiny. Cast a light into your past life also, obtain understanding of the agony and progress cleaned.

A good solid psychic reading also can expand your spiritual and psychological well being, taking it to the mental fitness center and exercising it perfectly into a potent device. Exactly how you perceive daily life and the environment around you actually is enormously impacted by the damaging energy you carry. Unfavorable energy also can possess a profound affect on your overall health and sex drive. Clairaudient readers can easily open the faucet and remove this negative vitality out of you and get you on the proper track.

Information on romantic life and relationships can also be found by way of spiritual readings. A clairvoyant reader can also help solitary persons find the perfect particular person for them along with reveal things that they are generally lacking in. A long term marriage that has hit distressed oceans can be redeemed by using a psychic reading as it will demonstrate just what exactly ought to be completed to save it.

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NZ Psychics readers are fully commited to assisting with any and all concerns that need to be settled and are right here to aid everyone in New Zealand.